Sucha Kumar


I'm really proud to say that as I grow up, I'm becoming more and more like my mommy. She was my first yoga teacher and has always encouraged me to move and eat more plant-based whole foods.

I grew up practicing Indian classical dance, hiking, but hated P.E. all through grade school. I eventually took my first BodyPump class at 24 hour fitness when I was 16 (was too scared to be the only gal lifting weights + group x was helpful as a gym newbie and ALWAYS motivating) which really unleashed my curiosity for all types of training, allowing me to be more comfortable in the gym. Since then I’ve been diving into different functional movement, high-intensity interval training, boxing and primal movement through TONS of classes and trainings.

My love and curiosity for practicing all movement in SYNCHRONIZATION began to grow, which led me to create #MovementFusion experiences in collaboration with other amazing leaders in the community - the birth of Live Blissed. I want more people to experience the benefits, the training and the FUN of incorporating multiple types of training in their daily/weekly routines.

P.S. I'm also a huge supporter of living more plant-based and encouraging environmental sustainability. At Live Blissed events, we always support our local plant-based & environmentally conscious businesses while sharing more resources and tips to educate our community on how we can be healthier while saving the planet!

Do it for your long-term healthy heart, body & earth <3


Savannah Egg-Lyons


Movement has always been my passion, I’m from a family of athletes and grew up outside. Very early on, I began to train what I now know as HIIT and Yoga to prepare to go on backpacking trips. Another big aspect that was introduced to me during that time was living altruistically. That guided me into working with people, which started as a Recovery Coach. In that role over time I began to use the tools that worked best for me, which bring us back to movement.

After witnessing their liberation and having been set free to my own truth I began to follow my bliss. Beginning with Yoga, guiding me into dance then to boxing, HIIT, Animal Flow and most recently Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. This is why I’m so drawn to the #MovementFusion that Sucha has cultivated a platform for with its joyful holistic approach.

My intention is to give back all the miraculous tools that have been so graciously given to me. For people to come experience what it’s like to use these tools and walk away empowered because now these tools are theirs. To do it for a cause that supports internal and external sustainability and abundance. And last but not least to follow your bliss.